Silicone vs Acrylic Coatings

            "Silicone is the smart choice when compared against any acrylic roof coating. A silicone restoration membrane delivers superior UV resistance, adhesion, and reflectivity."

In the last 5 years we have seen a huge rush of New Mexico Homeowners & Commercial Property Managers toward Silicone roof Coatings in place of the older water & acrylic based Elastomeric coatings.
Why the dramatic Shift? Over all, people looking to replace their worn Flat Roofs have been very unhappy with water & acrylic based Elastomeric coatings. These Coatings don't come close to achieving their own Warranty claims of 5-10 years. Premature breakdown (Cracking & Peeling) is common and is a direct result of New Mexico's' Altitude, harsh UV rays, and harsh weather. 

Homes are much cooler now with reflective roof coatings- lowering the expense of Swamp Coolers and A/C units. As a result the ROI is substantial. No other Flat Re-Roof Solution can give you the ROI of Silicone White Coating .
It's the Best External Home Improvement investment you can make in your home.


* Energy Savings 15% - 30% + 
* Easier to spot and repair leaky areas due to damage.
* Photovoltaic Panels (PV) panels are a perfect match for cool roof coatings
because they can be seamlessly waterproofed around the support/racking
system. They also increase electricity production by 4% or more, due to lower
roof temperatures
* No Tear off (of your old roof) is necessary. This keeps our landfills free of tons
of debris and lowers the cost of your project.
* We can Coat over your existing old Foam, TPO, Acrylic Coating, Roll Roofing, or
Tar & Gravel roof depending on conditions.
Now we arrive to the Scientific properties of Silicone and the reason for the 50 Year
Material Warranties.

* 96 % Solids means very little product is waisted vs 70% Solids for Water Based
Elastomeric Coatings.
* Low Chemical reactivity: Grease vents from restaurants don't harm it.
* Low toxicity - So safe baby bottle nipples are made from silicone.
* Thermal stability over extremely wide temperature range: -100 to 250 degrees.
* Adheres well to almost all roof types: TPO, Tar & Gravel, Roll Roofing
(Modified Bitumen) , EPDM
* Resistance to Oxygen, ozone, and- MOST IMPORTANTLY - ultraviolet (UV)
light gives Silicone one of the Longest Warranties in the Roofing
business. (50 Years)
Silicone is the smart choice when compared against any acrylic roof coating. A silicone restoration membrane delivers superior UV resistance, adhesion, and reflectivity.

UV Resistance - Unlike acrylic roof coatings that chalk, discolor, crack and haze when exposed to ultra-violet rays, silicone restoration membranes provide an in-organic, high solids elastomeric roof coating that will not degrade, chalk or crack under even the most extreme UV attack.

Stays Strong in Ponding Water - Traditional elastomeric/acrylic roof coatings are water-based and cure when water evaporates. When ponding water is present on roof surfaces for a period of 48 hours or more, acrylic roof coatings can begin to re-emulsify to their liquid state and lose adhesion. In contrast, silicone coatings cure and cross-link by reaction with moisture in the air. Silicone cannot re-emulsify due to exposure to standing water. Progressive Materials Silicone, is a non-water based, high-solids silicone roof coating. As such, when ponding water is present, PM's adhesion to the roof substrate is not affected.

Reflectivity Saves Energy - Using white silicone roof coating on a roof saves building energy use by as much as 15% to 30%+.