Here at A Plus Sustaianble Roofing Coatings we believe in honest hard work and stringent attention to details. Our mission is to serve the community both commercially and residentially with the most qualified, uncompromising workmanship and the Best Customer service. We work with dedication and integrity, and strive for a position of leadership in the roofing industry.

Why Use A + Sustainable Roofing Coatings?

  •  We Strive to Live by the Golden Rule: Treat People at you Want to be Treated. 

   * We Care about our Customers 
   * We Respond quickly and on time 
   * Over 20 Years Experience
   * Family- Owned 
   * Longest Warranties: 50 Years Plus
   * Honest & Professional Work 
   * Affordable 

A Plus Sustainable Roofing Coatings' goal is to provide superior coating solutions to commercial and residential building owners in the southwest. Using outstanding 100% Silicone products such as Progressive Materials, Henry, and Gaco Western's line of products in conjunction with other high end polyurethane foam and TPO repair solutions we can meet any of your roofing needs. With a background in Technology our founders aren't looking to just sell you a roof, we want to utilize the latest and most cost effective products to solve your problem.


From our first phone call until the job is completed, we are looking for a 5 star review. We want to do such a good job that not only will you recommend us, but we would love you as a reference for the future. We only do 5 star work and we will go out of our way to wow you.


Years ago A Plus Sustainable Roofing Coatings walked away from traditional roofing. Like many Contractors in the Area we got tired of applying the same old tired solutions to a multitude of problems that just didn't work. You know which ones I'm talking about; A Contractor comes out, spends a 20 minutes on your roof. Unbeknownst to you: Fifteen of those minutes are spent on the phone, Five Minutes are spent Smoking a Cigarette and then for the last Five minutes He throws down some Tar, climbs down from the Ladder collects his Cash and you don't see him again. Odds are the "Repair/Patch" may not have even been applied to the actual Leak . . . Why? Because of our area's lack of rain and intense UV one of two things is going to happen to that "Repair/Patch". It will either crack and expand due to the dryness and heat, or it wasn't Applied to the right place to begin with.

The former is due to an old inferior product being applied well after it is obsolete, while the latter is caused by inexperienced contractors who lack the experience of troubleshooting Flat Roof leaks.

No one can guarantee a 100% fixed leak on an old roof. But if the person has the experience they can get close. Often times we find that there are many contributors to a leak. It is rarely as cut and dry as a single patch. In fact Especially on a Flat Roof there are often occasions in which we will find the main culprit to be beyond 10 feet of the interior leak and often from Parapet Walls (Cracking). Leak troubleshooting is just that, troubleshooting. We start in the most logical places and move out from there. If You have a Persistent Leak you have been repairing over and over but it just keeps returning . . . We are the company you should call. We do it Right the first time so you can have Peace of Mind.